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Wool & Woodies and StoryZoo

At Wool&Woodies we like to play with beautiful furniture, but it doesn’t end there. Sometimes we come across a TV program that aligns perfectly with our mission. StoryZoo is one of these programs: A feel-good animation series with an educational basis that promotes playing and learning in an environment with wonderful graphics.
Together with StoryZoo we gave our houses and tables a new look. Curious to see what they look like?


Fantasy and imagination

At Wool & Woodies we are inspired by the fantasy and imagination of children. In our webshop we offer unique furniture that is especially designed to provide an enjoyable playing experience for children.


A-class birch plywood. It can take a beating, has a beautiful light color and is processed in a way that does not harm little children’s hands.


For each sheet of birch plywood that we process, we plant a new tree. Our workshop is heated by the sawdust and the remaining parts of our wood. Completely without gas…

Practical and Playable

We always think about the playability of our products. They stimulate the imagination of children and invite them to play in a creative manner. Additionally, we go for optimal ease of use for the parents by providing a screwless assembly method. Our products are easily stored away without taking up much space.

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